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  •  Yup
  • You got the stuff?
  • The bell rings, a boy is smoking a joint
  • A man approaches the boy and leans against  the wall, he slips the boy a bag containing an unknown blue drug. The boy pays him.
  • The boy who bought the blue drugs smoked them with some of his friends.  Smoke drifted out of the bathroom, into the vents and spread around the school.
  • Later the boy is sitting in class when his hand begins to twitch.
  • "Teachers, we are on a CODE RED lockdown effective immediately.  Do not let any students in or out of your classroom, no matter what you see or hear."
  • Suddenly he stands up and begins attacking the other students who then also begin to show the zombie-like symptoms.
  • We hear the voice of the announcements over shouts of 'infected' students  running around the empty hallways, papers everywhere, trash cans dumped over.
  • The Announcements
  •  A group of students huddle, scared, in a classroom listening to the sounds in the hall.
  • Student 1 “Look! It’s happening to Kyle!  He’s turning into a zombie!”  The student points to another student, who is beginning to twitch and spasm.
  • The students begin to scream and scatter away from the infected student, one brave boy grabs a chair and runs up to the student, bashing him with the chair.  The student says “Seriouly bro?  I’m just joking chill.”
  • Oopsie
  • The other students run out of the classroom in the commotion, covering their mouths with jackets, shirts and sleeves, trying not to breath in the smoke.
  • Holy Crap!
  • Three boys, Jake Holmes, 15, Ashton Copper, 14, and Mark Rodney, 16 run into the girls bathroom trying to escape, they find two girls, Jamie Greisman, 14, and Sarah Colts, 17, huddled in the room hiding.  They have masks covering their mouths.
  • Jake says “Where did you get masks!” (muffled through his sleeve), Sarah replies“We found them in the Janitor closet, here we have some more.  Put them on quick!”  Jake, Ashton, and Mark quickly grab the masks and put them on.  Mark drops his while putting it on. “oopsie” he remarks.  Mark quickly grabs the mask and puts it back over his mouth.
  • Ya'll need to chill
  • The group of kids lock the bathroom door and clump together as the door begins banging and shaking.  Jake says “Holy Crap! What’s happening to them?”  Mark replies, “I’m not sure, but I heard something from Cameron about some drug one of the kids was smoking.”
  • Jamie spews “ I always knew I was too good for this school.  Now look where it got me.  Stuck in the bathroom with some idiots I don’t know while we’re about to get eaten by zombies”.
  • Ashton says "Ya'll all need to chill.  Here let's see what I got..."  Ashton pulls a bag of the blue drug out of his  pocket and starts rolling it.
  • Sarah slaps the drug out of Ashton's hand and says "Are you stupid or something?!  That's  literally  what is turning these kids into zombies or whatever!"  Ashton replies "My bad, my bad."  Sarah rolls her eyes. 
  • “Guys, we probably need to like, come up with a plan or something...to you know...get out? Jake thinks out loud.  The group grumbles in agreement.  They sit and think.  Mark says “I mean we could, just, go out the front door or something right?”  Jamie meanly replies “The school is on lockdown you absolute imbecile.  All the doors are locked.”
  • Whatever
  • Mark replies “Okay okay.  What about a window or something?”  Jamie quickly states “The glass is around an inch and a half thick.  Near to impossible to break, and the windows are screwed shut.  Probably because halfwits like you are always trying to go out them.”  Jake upset replies “Listen, uhh..what’s your name again?”  “Jamie” says Jamie.         
  •  HELP!
  • Jake continues loudly “Listen Jamie, we’re all stuck here together and we’re all just trying our best to come up with a plan and we could be stuck here for awhile.  So there is no need to be rude.” Jamie rolls her eyes and looks off to the side saying “Whatever.”
  • “Alright dudes, and dudettes, I got this.” Ashton announces.  He stands up and walks towards the door.  The other kids stare at him in confusion.  He walks out the door and they run up to look out the small door window at him. 
  • Ashton smiles and waves back, suddenly a zombie-kid runs at him and tackles him and he yells.  He got away and made it back to the bathroom where Jake, Mark, Sarah and Jamie were. 
  • The kids were visibly tired and sweaty.  Sarah recapped their problems “Okay so, running down the hallway screaming does not work...Ashton...climbing through a hole in the roof will not work, none of us are strong enough to push the doors down, even if we used something...so what do we do?"
  • The kids look around at each other with fear in their eyes, then they look over to Ashton who is lighting up.  Jamie grabs the joint and throws it in the trash.  Ashton shouts “Bro! You just threw my joint away!” 
  • Jamie rolls her eyes and turns to the rest of the group and says “I vote we sacrifice Ashton to the zombies so we can escape while they are distracted.”  The kids all start yelling and shouting over each other trying to come up with a plan.
  • “Everybody needs to just shut up!”  Mark shouted.  Everyone got quiet and Mark continued  “Like Jake said,  we might be stuck here for awhile, and if we want to get out of here alive, we need to stop arguing and think together to come up with a plan! Come on guys seriously!  Get your head in the game!”   
  • The kids look at Mark feeling incredibly guilty, except Jamie who is sitting in the corner looking at the others judgingly.  Jamie says “I would have probably been out by now if I wasn’t stuck in here with you simpletons lives to worry about.”

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