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Comic Strip- Simbang Gabi
Updated: 10/25/2020
Comic Strip- Simbang Gabi
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  • It was Simbang Gabi when Ara bumped into her aunty...
  • Hija! Long time no see! How are you?
  • I'm good hija.
  • *Nagmano* I'm doing alright aunty, how are you po?
  • It was silent for a good 5 seconds before her aunt spoke again.
  • Ay hija, take care of yourself, especially nowadays, you never know what can happen.
  • It looks like you're bothered by something, you can tell me hija, let the cat out of the sack.
  • Yes po aunty.
  • I'm really fine po, its just I'm feeling under the weather.
  • Ara's aunt bid goodbye, telling her to take care of herself once more before parting ways. On her way to the church, she met a good friend of hers.
  • Hey John! Don't be silly, we just saw eachother 2 days ago.
  • *Laughs* Anyway, where are you heading to?
  • But still, it's quite a long time.
  • Oh, I'm going to the church, 'cause you know it's the start of Simbang Gabi today.
  • Ara! It's been a while since I saw you!
  • I'm also heading there.. wanna go together? You're going there too, might as well you know.
  • Sure! Come with me for a minute, I'll just go buy water. We have 15 minutes left before it starts.
  • After buying water from a nearby shop, the two friends headed to the church where dozen of people are waiting.
  • There's a lot more people than I expected...
  • Don't get lost ah.
  • I know right. Definitely a lot more than last year.
  • How dare you assume that I'll get lost, just because I have a bad sense of direction?
  • Glad we're on the same page John. Anyway, let's go? It's gonna be a fight going inside
  • Considering that's a line you often say before getting lost, very believable. So just stay close to me, don't wander off
  • Alright, I agree though. It's very crowded here, I can easily get snatched by someone and people won't notice it.
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