Romeo and Juliet Comic Strip

Romeo and Juliet Comic Strip
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  • Is it really true? Then I will rebel against you with the stars! You know where I live, so get me some Ink and paper, and hire some horse to ride. I will leave Verona tonight.
  • Please, Sir, be calm. You look pale and wild as if you going to hurt yourself.
  • Sir, she is well, and nothing is wrong. But her body is sleeping in Capulet tomb and her immortal soul lives with angels in heaven. I saw her buried in her family's tombs and then I came here to tell you the news sir. Oh, sorry for bringing this bad news sir but it's my job that you told me to do sir.
  • Whatever, Now just go and get the horses.
  • I have a good feeling that there is a joyful news coming and with the love of my heart, which make me strange feelings that has been making me cheerful. I had a dream that my lady came and found me dead, but she came and brought me back by kissing my lips. When I woke up from my death and became a ruler. To think about it, which makes me love more and thinking about love makes me feel so happy.
  • Oh, Balthasar, do you have any news from Verona! - Balthasar? Did you bring me the letter from Friar? and how is my wife? Is my father, ok? How is my Juliet? I am asking that again because nothing can go wrong if she is well.
  • Tsk! You are wrong. Now leave me and do what I told you to do. Don't you have a letter for me from Frair?
  • No, my lord, I don't have it.
  • Oh Juliet, I'll be will you tonight. I remember a pharmacist guy who lives nearby. He looks poor and, miserable.
  • Who 's that calling so loud.?
  • Hey! Pharmacist!
  • Ok, here is the poison and put this poison in any liquid and drink it. This poison kills you immediately.
  • As, I remember this is where the poor guy is house.
  • I agree because I am poor, not because I want to.
  • I have that kind of poison, but it is against the law and to sell in Mantua
  • Here is your price. The money is the worse poison to men's souls, and commits more murders in this awful world, than these poor poisons that you are not allowed to sell. Goodbye. Buy yourself a food and drinks to help yourself. I'll take this as a medicine, not as a poison, to Juliet's grave. That where I must use it.
  • Come here and here take these forty ducats. Let me have a poison and something that work fast.
  • But you are poor and looked very weak with hunger. This world is not your friend or neither the law, so take this money.
  • I am paying you this because you are poor, not because for the poison.
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