The Frog Prince Characters

The Frog Prince Characters
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A princess kneels at the edge of a pond, holding a golden ball. A frog jumps out of the water.

The Frog Prince by The Brothers Grimm

Lesson Plans by Lauren Ayube

The Frog Prince fairy tale has been adored by children all over the world for centuries. Since the Brothers Grimm version was published in 1812, thousands of other versions have been written and retold. All of them share the endearing main theme of keeping your promises, and not judging a book by its cover.

The Frog Prince

Storyboard Description

Create a spider map to describe the main characters in The Frog Prince story!

Storyboard Text

  • FROG
  • The princess is young, beautiful, and independent. She makes a promise to the frog but has no intention of keeping it, until her father tells her that she must.
  • The Frog, who is really a handsome prince under a cruel charm, is kind, patient, and charming. He desperately wants to break free from the charm and have a wife to love forever.
  • The king believes in integrity, which means doing the right thing. He tells his daughter that it is very important for her to stay true to her promises.
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