Midnight Without a Moon Literary Conflict

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Midnight Without a Moon Literary Conflict
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Midnight Without a Moon Linda Williams Jackson

Midnight Without a Moon by Linda Williams Jackson

By Lauren Ayube

Rose Lee Carter is a 13 year old African American girl living in Mississippi in 1955. She spends her days picking cotton and her nights dreaming of the North, where she can have a better life. Midnight Without a Moon is an important historical fiction novel about the coming of age during one of the most pivotal times in American history.

Midnight Without a Moon

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  • Character Vs. Character
  • Girl, can't you do anything right?
  • Character Vs. Self
  • Ma Pearl is right. I am ugly.
  • Character Vs. Nature
  • Rose struggles with her grandmother, Ma Pearl. Ma Pearl is mean and abusive and makes Rose feel awful about herself.
  • Rose suffers from a great deal of low self esteem due to her mother leaving and her grandmother's constant mocking of how dark her skin is.
  • Rose suffers greatly while working in the fields due to the extreme Mississippi heat.
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