Describing Settings in Midnight Without a Moon

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Describing Settings in Midnight Without a Moon
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Midnight Without a Moon Linda Williams Jackson

Midnight Without a Moon by Linda Williams Jackson

By Lauren Ayube

Rose Lee Carter is a 13 year old African American girl living in Mississippi in 1955. She spends her days picking cotton and her nights dreaming of the North, where she can have a better life. Midnight Without a Moon is an important historical fiction novel about the coming of age during one of the most pivotal times in American history.

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Midnight Without a Moon

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Setting example for Midnight Without a Moon. Create a storyboard to illustrate the when and where!

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  • Setting: When
  • Setting: Where
  • This story takes place in 1955, which is a time of great strife for Black people. Prior to the signing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, they were considered, "separate but equal", but were not treated equally at all.
  • Midnight Without a Moon takes place in Mississippi, which is located in the deep south. This part of the country is known for its plantations and involvement in slavery over the course of US history.
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