Macbeth tragic hero
Updated: 5/3/2019
Macbeth tragic hero

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  • Macbeth
  • I am a tragic hero. Some might disagree but I've shown all the traits. Starting with excessive pride or hubris
  • My confidence in their prophecies was strong. I truly believed that I was unstoppable up until Macduff.
  • I'm indestructible... haha
  • No man or woman born is capable of destroying you
  • Anagnorisis is another tragic hero trait that I beheld. Here is the moment where I made an important discovery
  • crap...
  • Macduff
  • I am not born from a woman. I was ripped from the womb!
  • Catharsis or fear & pity felt by the audience applied to me when my wife pushed me to kill king Duncan, my friend and I started to feel the guilt.
  • Another time was when Banquo's spirt payed me an unexpected visit
  • "I'll go no more. I am afraid to think what I have done"
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