Walk Two Moons Themes, Symbols, Motifs

Walk Two Moons Themes, Symbols, Motifs
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Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech Lesson Plan

Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

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Walk Two Moons is the award winning classic novel from Sharon Creech about a young girl named Sal and her coming of age journey as she travels across America with her Gram and Gramps in search of her mother. While Sal passes the time on their long cross-country adventure telling her grandparents all about the uptight and excitable Phoebe Winterbottom and her escapades, Sal discovers that the truth of her own story is hidden underneath.

Walk Two Moons

Storyboard Description

Students can track the different themes, symbols and motifs present in Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech and create a spider map that labels, defines and illustrates them.

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  • Both Sal's and Phoebe's mothers experience depression. Sal's mother feels unfulfilled in her life in Kentucky and questions who she truly is aside from wife and mother. She also suffers a tremendous loss with the birth of her stillborn baby, Tulip. She is compelled to journey west to visit with a cousin and this is the last Sal sees her. Phoebe's mother also feels disillusioned and the discovery of her long lost son causes her to reevaluate her life.
  • Sal develops many fears from the traumatic experiences of her mother losing her baby sister and leaving the family. As she tells the story of Phoebe's mother's depression and abandonment, she begins to come to terms with what her mother must have been going through. She faces her fear of driving and treacherous roads by going to Lewiston and seeing the site of the accident for herself, which brings some closure.
  • Sal, Gram, and Gramps find healing and comfort in their journey across America from Euclid, OH to Lewiston, ID. As they take in the beautiful landscapes, stunning national parks, and wonders like Mount Rushmore and Old Faithful, their eyes are opened to many things including an understanding of Sal's mother and acceptance of her loss.
  • WALK TWO MOONSThemes, Symbols, and Motifs
  • Sal's grandmother Pickford was part Seneca Indian and passed on her pride in her heritage to Sal's mother in naming her Chanhassen, which is Sioux for Sugar Maple. Sal's mother often told Native American folktales and they both felt a strong connection and closeness to nature and the land. Sal and her mother had great pride in their heritage despite not fully understanding the Native American experience.
  • Sal describes many of the natural elements that give her comfort and joy in her home of Bybanks, KY like the farm, lake, blackberries, and the "singing tree". The tree seemed to rejoice in its "singing" but was also silent when Sal was grieving. Sal finds comfort in the beauty and stability of trees. She prays to them as she says, “I prayed to trees. This was easier than praying directly to God. There was nearly always a tree nearby.”
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