Spanish Reflexive Verbs Concepts

Updated: 4/25/2017
Spanish Reflexive Verbs Concepts
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Spanish Reflexive Verbs

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Reflexive verbs are so much fun to teach and learn! There are many phases to learning the application of reflexive verbs in Spanish, and even before their application, in understanding the multi-faceted concept in general. While English speakers can simply say “I’m brushing my teeth”, in Spanish the speaker must use an extra word to demonstrate that the action occurs to the subject himself. This extra word is called the reflexive pronoun.

Spanish Reflexive Verbs

Storyboard Description

Spanish Reflexive Verbs practice free spanish lessons

Storyboard Text

  • Reflexive
  • Not reflexive
  • Juan SE LAVA la cara.
  • Juan LAVA el coche.
  • La madre SE VISTE.
  • La madre VISTE a su hijo.