heros journey

Updated: 9/15/2021
heros journey

Storyboard Text

  • Call to Adventure & initial refusal
  • meet a mentor & cross threshold into unknown
  • meet friends and enemies
  • Oliver tells his grandpa Tommy about the voice he's been hearing, and Tommy tells Oli unbelievable stories of a void that is trying to invade the world, and how its been talking to him for years. Oliver doesn't believe the stories and tries to ignore the voice. Meanwhile Oli meets Amber who helps him expand his comfort zone and takes him on adventures.
  • Trials and Fails
  • Tommy takes Oli to the place where he first heard the voice when he was young, and tells Oli to look into the water. Oli sees into what seems to be a portal to another world, full of flames and lost souls.
  • Die and reborn
  • Oli tries to convince Amber that the voice is real and he accidentally enters the void, he freaks out but Amber still can't see. While entering the void Oli meets a lost soul named Fredrick, and Fred explains that the void is trying to conquer the real world, and to seek help immediately.
  • Atonement
  • Tommy shows Oli the three realms, The Above, The Now, and The Void. They wander The Above and find a fairy who teaches Oli how to stop the void with a magical rose.
  • The voice of the void gets stronger and stronger, and Oliver pushes Amber away. At night Oliver has nightmares of the void, it now controls his life. With the help from his Grandfather he enters the void one last time and uses the magical the magical rose to close the void.
  • After closing the void Oli's head is cleared and he can finally think for himself. He runs to Amber and begs for forgiveness. They confess their love for each other and make up.