Alice in Wonderland Scene

Updated: 9/16/2021
Alice in Wonderland Scene
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How to Storyboard your Screenplay

By Miguel Cima

Filmmaking begins from the first time you dream. That can be the sleeping kind of dream, or the daydream, where your imagination takes you to amazing places. In both cases, there’s a picture in the mind’s eye. And for the moment, nobody in the world but you can see it. In that way, we are all filmmakers. But what separates the bonafide filmmaker from everyone else is their need to turn those dreams into an actual movie. And that means getting down to the hard work of bringing those visions to life.

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Storyboard Description

Learn about filmmaking and use storyboards to bring your film to life| Alice in Wonderland Scene example

Storyboard Text

  • Alice lessons/bored
  • A rabbit! "I'm late!"
  • Chasing the rabbit
  • Down the hole