Yonah Project

Updated: 10/13/2021
Yonah Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hashem is telling Yonah to go to Nineveh because the people there were sinning and he wanted him to get the people to do teshuva
  • Yonah please go to Nineveh!
  • The captian finds out and starts crying out to him
  • But Yonah didnt go because he didnt want to make the Jews look bad, so instead he ran away from Hashem to Tarnish on a ship he found, and he thought he was running away from Hashem but little did he know that Hashem knows and sees everything
  • All of a sudden there was a big storm but only on their boat! Everyone starts calling out to their G-d asking to stop the storm!!
  • All of a sudden there was a big storm! Surprisingly Yonah decides to go to the bottom of the boat and sleep!
  • G-d please save us and stop this storm!!!
  • Yonah decides to go inside the boat and goes to sleep!!
  • How can you be sleeping at this time?! Ask your G-d to save us so we wont die!!
  • The people then decided to draw lots to see who was causing this storm, but after many lots were drawn each time it landed on Yonah. They started asking Yonah many questions to see if he was an honest person, and he tells them hes Jewish and that Hashem is the one who made the sea and all the creations. The people were asking what he did to cause the storm and after he explains he ran away from G-d the people got really scared and asked what they can do to make this storm stop