Updated: 6/10/2020
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  • I wonder what that is. I'll ask the professor
  • And this concludes our anatomy lesson. On Monday we will be talking about eclipses.
  • Hello, Michael. Go to the Lawton Cliffs tonight and you'll see
  • Hello, Mr. Bolan. I was wondering... what is an eclipse?
  • Oh My God, the Moon is... RED!!!!Is that what Mr. Bolan was talking about?
  • I have to go to his house and ask him about this.
  • Hahaha. I knew he'd be interested.
  • You saw the eclipse, didn't you? HmmLet's go inside.
  • Sorry for the time, Mr. Bolan, but I am very intrigued by...
  • When the Moon passes exactly between the Earth and the Sun, it creates a shadow. This is called a Solar eclipse. When the Earth passes between the Moon and Sun, it also creates a shadow, causing a Lunar eclipse.
  • So... Which one did we see, and why was the Moon red?!
  • As you know, the Moon has an elliptic orbit around the Earth, and the Earth around the Sun.
  • This right here is a lunar eclipse. The Earth is in the middle of the Sun and Moon. The Sun's light is passing through the Earth's atmosphere, it scatters and it turns into red. Then it gets to the Moon and it is reflected.
  • I better tell my mom I was with a friend. If I tell her I was talking to a professor, she'll think I'm crazy, or lying.
  • Oh... so that's why it is red. Now I get it. Thanks, Mr. Bolan. Sorry for the trouble.
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