Social Stories - Whole Group

Updated: 8/28/2019
Social Stories - Whole Group
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Social Story Classroom

Social Stories in the Classroom

By Meghan Kyne

Social stories were initially designed to support children with ASD on a one-to-one basis. However, practitioners have realized the benefit of using these stories with children who have social struggles due to a variety of reasons, both individually and in whole group instruction.

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Storyboard Description

Social Stories - Lining up and walking in the hallway

Storyboard Text

  • Good Morning!
  • - Attendance
  • - Transitioning to Specials
  • - Announcements
  • - Lunch Orders
  • ________________________
  • Mr. Yetz's class has a difficult time transitioning to specials. Unsafe and disruptive behavior in the hallway and classroom has been a struggle for most of his students at one time or another.
  • Mr. Yetz created a social story on StoryboardThat. He reads the story with his class each day as part of the morning routine.
  • Then, the class practices lining up and walking in the hallway. This gives the students a chance to practice what they learned in a different context.