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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/15/2020
Unknown Story
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  • After Daedalus built a maze for the king without knowing why, he made them live at the top of a tower because he didn't want him to tell anyone the way of the maze.
  • We need to escape.
  • This is so unfair, he can't do this to us.
  • *crying*
  • Flight of Icarus
  • We will get out of here, I promise.
  • Woohoooooo!!!!
  • Characters: Daedalus, Icarus, King Minos. Author: Raymond Queneau.
  • Daddddddddd help!!! Ahhh
  • Nooooooo, son!!!!
  • Daedalus constructed wings for the two of the them using feathers and candle wax, they were hoping they could escape doing this, and be the first people to ever fly.
  • Resolution
  • Rip, Daedalus
  • Before they took off Daedalus told his son to not fly to high or the wax will melt and don't fly to low or your wings will get wet. Out of excitement Icarus flew up and up and up, his feathers started to melt.
  • Ay yyo, you can't tell anyone the way of the maze, you will stay here forever.
  • Conflict
  • Come on dawg, you can't do that. Reallyyyy!
  • Not Fair!!
  • As Icarus went up and up he forgot what his dad told him, his large feathers to his wings melted, his dad tried to save him but couldn't it was to late, he fell to his death into the ocean.
  • Daedalus came down from his flight, he hung his wings and built a temple for Icarus and put him in his resting place, he was very sad.
  • The conflict was that King Minos was trapping Daedalus and Icarus in the top of the tower and not letting them out, they needed to escape.
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