Super Sharer Social Story

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Super Sharer Social Story
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Social Stories for Young Children

By Shari Kurtzman

When approaching a big transition or a challenging activity, social stories help introduce an idea while providing language and support.

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Storyboard Description

Super Sharer Social Story | Use social stories for kids to help them with transitions and behavior!

Storyboard Text

  • I Can Be a Super Sharer!
  • Sometimes I want a toy another person has.
  • I can ask for turns when I want a toy. I say, "Can I have a turn please?" Or I can offer to switch for the toy I was playing with. I say, "Can we switch toys please?"
  • Asking does not mean I'll always get a turn. But that's ok! I can make another choice while I wait. I could read a book or draw a picture.
  • Waiting and sharing can be hard. I can always ask a teacher for help!
  • Be a super sharer!
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