How do I start my dystopian narrative?
Updated: 5/18/2020
How do I start my dystopian narrative?

Storyboard Text

  • I know that usually, dystopias are based on a "perfect" society. I think if we got rid of bullying, the world would be way better.
  • Ugh! Mrs. Bottos wants me to create my own dystopian society?! HOW am I supposed to do that?!
  • ... but wait! Maybe to get rid of bullying, we need to make everyone look similar so we can't pick on each other!
  • I think a world without bullying would look pretty similar to our world. People would dress the same as they do now...
  • So our homes would be the same - maybe we'd all live in 2 bedroom apartments that are painted the same color. And we'd all dress the same, too. Jeans, gray sweatshirts, and sneakers for everyone!
  • Happy Monday!! You look lovely today!
  • But why would we all live in this gray world? Someone must be in control! We'd be controlled by the "Bully-Free Police" who walk around saying nice things all the time, but really they are controlling everyone.
  • Now I need a dystopian protagonist... I'm not too creative, so I'll just put myself in the story! I think I would try and defeat the Bully-Free Police by getting my friends and family to see that it's okay to be different!
  • What a cool dystopia! Of course bullying is TERRIBLE, but I think the lesson of my story is that we all need to be unique and true to ourselves. Removing individuality is not the key to ending bullying!