Spider Map - Pets

Spider Map - Pets
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Graphic Organizers

Brainstorming Tools: Graphic Organizers

by Natasha Lupiani

Brainstorming is a great technique to solve a problem, create new ideas, or gather information through discussion. Use Storyboard That graphic organizers to help your students brainstorm in many different ways!

Spider Map Inspiration

Spider Map Graphic Organizer

by Natasha Lupiani

A spider map is a tool that provides a visual framework for students to use. Sometimes called a concept map, a spider map has a main idea or topic in the center, or the body, of the diagram. Each detail or sub-topic associated with the main idea has its own leg, or branch, surrounding the main idea.

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Storyboard Description

Example Spider Map Graphic Organizers | Spider Map Example: Popular Pets

Storyboard Text

  • DOGS
  • CATS
  • FISH
  • PETS
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