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LPC Creative Assignment
Updated: 5/4/2020
LPC Creative Assignment
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  • k
  • So it turns out, I wasn't the only person targeted by the Father Adams when we were children.
  • What do you mean?
  • I have been reconnecting with friends on facebook and people have been talking about their experiences in the church.
  • I wish you would let me help you report what happened to you. It isn't right.
  • It would just be my word against his and it is too embarrassing to air out. I just want to move on.
  • I respect that, I am always here if you need to talk about it, or change your mind.
  • Thank-you, you're a good friend.
  • Anyways I need to leave for work, thanks for making brekky!
  • Good morning Nathan, as you know the firm have had a difficult year financially and you are our only solicitor who specializes in religious Law
  • Yes I know, we've been working very hard to obtain new business.
  • Well, good news! we have a new client who is willing to pay us $15,000.00 a day to represent them in Supreme Court, however it is a very sensitive and controversial case.
  • This is outstanding news! Now our firm can survive the pandemic and this job will give me a chance to train the graduates some more! When do I meet this white knight of a Client?
  • This Father Adams, It is important that this does not leave the room, but the Father has been Charged with Carnal Knowledge of a boy under the age of 16 and he wished to plead not guilty.
  • I am not sure if it will be possible for me to take this case.
  • Father Adams can you please wait outside for us?
  • ...Ill be honest, we need this job, the Catholic church are a huge client and if you do this for me, I will reward you with a huge bonus, and more if you are successful.
  • ...But...
  • I understand this might make you uncomfortable, but this is your job...
  • I am not giving you a choice, your job and the future of this firm depends on this case going well. If you can't do it, Ill find someone who will
  • I really don't feel good about this, I have reason to believe he may be guilty.
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