BATNA Spider Map

BATNA Spider Map
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BATNA Analysis

How to Negotiate Your Salary

by Nathanael Okhuysen

If you want to sell a couch, negotiate salary, or be ready for an global merger, a BATNA is a must. BATNA stands for best alternative to negotiated agreement. Visually display your negotiation strategy to share with your colleagues or partners with the help of the article, Negotiation with BATNA.

How to Prepare for a Negotiation

by Nathanael Okhuysen

This is our go-to negotiation guide with storyboards. Plan out your next negotiation with business tools like SWOT, Johari Window, BATNA, and more. Using storyboards in your preparation is useful to share your ideas with colleagues and fellow negotiators.

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Storyboard Description

BATNA Graphic Organizer for negotiations

Storyboard Text

  • LocalMade, LLC
  • Manufacture In-House
  • MegaManufacturing, Inc.
  • • ~12% increased manufacturing cost • Office in our building • Flexibility
  • • 3D printable? • Growth opportunity • Steep learning curve
  • • Comparable price per unit • Poor customer service reputation
  • License Widget IP
  • Alternatives
  • What do we do if we don't renew our contract with Fabricorp?
  • Sell Company
  • • Major shift in company goals • Call Gretchen @ Acme Corp. to follow up
  • • Finally get a vacation • Potential buyers?
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