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Updated: 11/19/2020
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  • ExpositionArachne was a waever, her tapestries were admired from all over the world. She wove day and night.
  • I'm soo good!! No one can compare to me.
  • ConflictAthena challenges Arachne to a contest to determine who amongst them is the better weaver.
  • I challenge you to a see who is better weaver
  • Rising action Arachne accepts because she wants to show her worth to everyone and how good she supposedly is. 
  • I accept this challenge because I'm better than you.
  • ClimaxThey wove a tapestry about the gods. After they were both finished, they compared their work. Unfortunately, the work of Arachne was one that showed the Gods' past embarrassments. Athena and the viewers did not take the offense lightly. They rejected her work and made her the loser.
  • Falling ActionArachne lost the contest and she was disgraced, humiliated. Arachne wasn’t allowed to touch any spindle ever again.
  • ResolutionSuddenly Arachne's nose and ears shrank up, all her hair fell out, her arms and legs got skinny, and her body shrunk until she was a little spider. Arachne wants to spin, an now she will be able to do it again
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