Discussion Storyboard on Energy Resources - Hign School

Discussion Storyboard on Energy Resources - Hign School
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Energy Resources Lesson Plans

Renewable Energy & Energy Resources

By Oliver Smith

The majority of the world’s electrical energy comes from nonrenewable sources. Although burning fossil fuels is a cheap and reliable source of generating an electric current, the carbon dioxide it produces is having a negative effect on the environment. Our reserves of fossil fuels are running low as they are being used a much faster rate than they are being created. Using alternative energy resources will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and reduce the greenhouse effect and global warming.

Renewable Energy

Storyboard Description

Discussion Storyboard - Is nuclear power safe? - high school discussion science

Storyboard Text

  • New nuclear power station. Coming soon
  • Nuclear power is always dangerous!
  • Nuclear power can be dangerous, but you are safe if you are at least 100 miles away.
  • Nuclear power is safe; you can live next door the plant and not have any problems.
  • Nuclear power is safer than wind turbines.
  • The students are talking about the nuclear power station coming to their town.
  • Sara
  • Chelsea
  • Jose
  • Curtis
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