Discussion Storyboard - MS - Basic Cells

Discussion Storyboard - MS - Basic Cells
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Basic Cells Lesson Plans

Plant and Animal Cells

By Oliver Smith

Cells are the building blocks of all living things. The term ‘cell’ was first coined by Robert Hooke in the 16th century when he was studying different objects using the newly-invented microscopes. The following activities are designed to help students understand the difference between and functions of both plant and animal cells.

Science Discussions Lesson Plans

Science Discussion Storyboards

By Oliver Smith

A Discussion Storyboard is a storyboard that is designed to promote discussion in the classroom. Each storyboard is a situation or a question that is paired with a visual and different viewpoints on the situation.

Basic Cells

Storyboard Text

  • The only difference between the plant and animal cells is the way they look.
  • There aren't any differences between the cells.
  • Plant and animal cells have completely different parts.
  • Plant and animal cells have some parts in common and some different parts too.
  • The students are talking about the differences between plant and animal cells
  • Sara
  • Chelsea
  • Jose
  • Curtis
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