Discussion Storyboard on Rocks - Middle School

Discussion Storyboard on Rocks - Middle School
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Rocks and Weathering

By Oliver Smith

The rock cycle is never-ending and is constantly changing the landscape through a series of different processes. Scientists use knowledge about the formation, weathering, and erosion of rocks to study the planet's history. Students will enjoy creating visual aids to help them understand the rock cycle and types of weathering!

Rocks and Weathering

Storyboard Description

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Storyboard Text

  • The rocks break up due to wind and ice.
  • The rocks don't break up; some are just made smaller than others.
  • Big rocks are just small rocks stuck together.
  • Rocks break up because of earthquakes.
  • The students are wondering what causes rocks to break up.
  • Sara
  • Chelsea
  • Jose
  • Curtis
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