Water Cycle Narrative
Updated: 8/27/2019
Water Cycle Narrative
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Water Cycle Lesson Plans

Water Cycle

Lesson Plans by Oliver Smith

Have you ever looked out of a window on a stormy day and wondered where all the water falling from the sky has come from? The water cycle is a collection of processes that recycles water from the ocean. 97% of the world’s water is stored in oceans and seas, 2% is stored in ice, and 1% is fresh water in the air or in rivers and lakes. The following activities will help students understand the steps of the water cycle by creating visual aids.

Water Cycle

Storyboard Description

Water Cycle Narrative - water cycle comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • This is Wally. He is a droplet of water in the Atlantic ocean.
  • It is a sunny day and Wally is getting warm.
  • From the Sun, Wally gains enough energy to evaporate. He is now not a liquid, but a gas.
  • As Wally is less dense than the cooler air around him, he rises up high in the air.
  • He reaches a point so high that he cools down and condenses to form a cloud.
  • One day the, weather conditions are just right. Wally falls back to Earth as a rain droplet. Gravity pulls him towards the Earth.
  • He hits the mountainside and starts to flow down as a small stream. Gravity pulls Wally from higher lang down towards a river.
  • The small stream flows into a larger river.
  • Eventually, the river flows back into the ocean where Wally began his journey.
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