Psychomotor Domain Volleyball Form

Updated: 1/29/2018
Psychomotor Domain Volleyball Form
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PE Classroom

Physical Education Assessments

By Patrick Healey

Let’s be honest, students dread written work in a class designated to increase physical activity and improve social skills. We can make these assessments more exciting and fun for students by having them create comics. Yeah, that’s right, fun assessments.

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Storyboard Description

Psychomotor Domain Volleyball Form

Storyboard Text

  • Nice shot, Kelly! I got it.
  • Kelly's knees should be bent at around a 45 degree angle.
  • Kelly's hands should be interlocked with one hand over another. Her thumbs should be facing upwards.
  • Kelly should strike the volleyball on her forearms.
  • Kelly should send the ball high into the air for an easy pass to a teammate.