Updated: 6/29/2020

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  • Hey, I'm Ruby-lee, perfect house and perfect life . At least that is what people think.
  • I told you to put it in the front pocket
  • its right here! are you kidding me
  • I'm standing in the tunnel with my friends. Hidden away from anyone else, tucked away behind the cover of the bushes. It wouldn't be hard to find us, but its good enough. You wouldn't know we were here unless you came looking. And by us, I mean Sam, Mary, Indi, Tom, Chris, Daisy, Jody and Me
  • what if I get cancer!
  • I could get brain damage
  • it can lead to memory loss
  • im ruby but everyone but my parents and Tom. He makes a joke out of my name; He does it to annoy me because I'm the 'rich' one in the friend group. I mean it's because I don't wear trackies every other day of the week like the rest. I'd rather look slightly presentable to others, or at least when I'm around my family. My families, like that. You have to always look like your dressed to impress. And your grades have to be high. And you have be perfect. And you have to keep the room clean. And you have to do what everyone else wants. And you probably get the idea
  • 20 minutes later...
  • Indi and Chris are digging around in a bag looking for the pot. That's the thing about my friends that my family don't know about us. We all smoke weed at least once a week together. So, I sit behind the bush, praying no one sees me. They haven't caught me in the few weeks I've been doing it, and I hope it stays that way. "I told you to put it in the front pocket," Tom grumbles. Indi glares, and Chris doesn't say anything, just flips him off. I roll my eyes at Tom; we know that Chris always manages to mess up somehow. Suddenly Daisy jumps up at them, snatching the bag from them. "It's right here! Are you kidding me?" She looks at them in disbelief, the bag swaying in her hands. I agree it would be hard to miss.
  • whats is happening to me
  • I know I shouldn't smoke weed. i know its not good for you,  I've even heard of people who start to see things even when they're off it. That stuff worried me at first, the fear of dying too soon. But once I saw everyone on Instagram, and Snapchat doing it, I caved in. I told myself I would only do it once. But once turned to a few times and that turned into weekly. And after that, my parents said that I was becoming too sneaky. They lost trust in me; I had a curfew for the first time in my life. I hated it at first, but I found ways around. I snuck out, snuck people in, smoked at home and a lot worst.
  • am becoming more violent