Earth Day climate change storyboardthat
Updated: 4/30/2020
Earth Day climate change storyboardthat

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  • Hi! Welcome to The Late Night Show with Olivia Phillips. So, this global warming everyone is talking about...SPILL IT DOC!
  • Here's the tea Liv! Global warming is when the temperature changes even by the smallest amount of degrees and it affects the earth. Sadly, it could take a while for animals to get used to switching to new habitats. even more animals could go extinct.
  • You said UP or DOWN. So, does that mean the Earth isn't just getting warmer?
  • Great listening, Liv. So really, a better term for it is CLIMATE CHANGE. Climate is the pattern of weather in an area. We are seeing crazy things with weather.
  • What causes climate change, doc?
  • Well Liv., that's what scientists like me are studying. 2 gasses in our atmosphere called Carbon Dioxide and Methane can get trapped. When they get trapped they let off heat on Earth! This is called Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
  • Besides gasses, are there any organisms this can effect?
  • Actually, yes. It can effect Animals. Even if the temp goes up the tiniest bit, it can effect there living system and it takes thousand of years to get used to it. Thats why this cetury, animals are more likely to go exitinct.
  • Oh no! That is so sad! Other than animals, is there anything else climate change can impact?
  • Well, it can impact people too! People who live in cold climates, could experience severe snowstorms, and people in hot climates could experience droughts and wildfires. Basically, climate change can cause lots of severe weather.
  • Oh no! Can't that lead to wildfires doc?
  • Yup! But that's for the next episode, Liv! Stay tuned for episode two of the Late Night Show with Liv!
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