The Great Gatsby
Updated: 6/4/2020
The Great Gatsby
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  • Daisy and Tom's Place
  • You make me feel uncivilized, Daisy. Can’t you talk about crops or something?
  • Gatsby's Party
  • Gatsby and Daisy's Reunion
  • Upon Nick's Arrival to the East, he is invited over to his cousin Daisy's house. Immediately going there, it is obvious that there lifestyle is different compared to Nick's. While there he finds that Daisy's husband, ‘Tom’s got some womanin New York' named Myrtle but Daisy doesn't say anything about it (18).
  • The Car Accident
  • Nick later goes to his neighbor's, Gatsby, party with Jordan Baker. He finds that Gatsby is extremely wealthy as he even, "didn't even cut the pages" of the books in his library (50). Later on he meets and becomes friends with Gatsby and is told the past relationship of Gatsby and Daisy.
  • Gatsby's Funeral
  • Gatsby, Jordan, and Nick made a plan for Gatsby and Daisy to reunite by going over to Nick's house. When they reunite, they're filled with happiness and go to Gatsby's house so he can show off the place to her. She falls deeply for his wealth when he throws down many shirts and starts crying as she says, "‘It makes me sad because I’ve neverseen such—such beautiful shirts before’", which shows her wants and wishes for that much wealth (99).
  • Nick's Departure
  • After a heated argument between Tom and Gatsby, Daisy drives back home with Gatsby and his car and accidentally runs over Myrtle as she, "rushed out at [them] just as [they] were passing a car coming the other way"(154). Mr. Wilson (Myrtle's husband) was persuaded by the influence of Tom that Gatsby had done it. Later on in that evening, Mr. Wilson killed Gatsby while he was in his pool and then killed himself.
  • Days before Gatsby's funeral, Nick noticed that no one wanted to come. For his best friend, Meyer Wolfsheim, said he couldn't go as he couldn't "cannot get mixed up in this thing now"(177). This showed that within this world, people cared more for reputation rather than for the lost of a love one, and therefore only Nick, Gatsby's father, and Owl Eyes from the previous party were at his funeral.
  • After all these events, Nick makes the decision that it was time to leave West Egg. It seemed as though he couldn't bare the fact that Gatsby was gone as "dazzling parties of his were with [him] so vividly" and he had to create distractions for himself to not think about it (192). In the end, he realized he had no place here anymore and that it wasn't the lifestyle that he enjoyed.
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