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Dancing Characters

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  • Joshua's POV
  • They're so crowded...
  • They're supposed to still follow the safety guidelines..
  • POOF!
  • Hmm? Who could it be?
  • Hey, Josh! I'm calling on your computer. Come! Be quick!
  • Chill! Okay, okay. I'll come up.
  • Krizzy's POV
  • Hi! I'm inviting you all to my Christmas Party!
  • Kimberly's POV
  • Let's go! We're gonna have so much fun!
  • Joshua's POV
  • But there's still a CoVid 19 virus. We can't be crowded.
  • Don't be so negative!
  • Okay, whatever. I'll not go to your party, Krizzy.
  • Well, that's such a bummer.
  • Don't worry guys. I'm making an animated video...
  • that promotes the safety guidelines that we should still follow.
  • That is so thoughtful of you! Thank you!
  • Here's some overview of a few clips...
  • For nearly three years, people all over the world were infected with the CoVid-19 virus. The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed many lives around the world and poses an unprecedented threat to public health, food systems, and the workplace.
  • The rules are very strict during the mid-pandemic because the CoVid is rapidly spreading, but things are improving in 2022. The world is currently in the process of healing.
  • So, here are a few guidelines to keep in mind. These rules are almost certainly still in effect, and they are nothing new to us, but they are critical to our safety.
  • Refrain from making physical contact with sick people, especially those who have a fever, cough, or cold.
  • 6 feet away
  • Always wear a mask to stop the spread of the virus.
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