Examples of Foreshadowing in Lord of the Flies

Examples of Foreshadowing in Lord of the Flies
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Lord of the Flies by William Golding

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Lord of the Flies is an eye-opening novel about what happens to a group of boys who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Students always seem to relate to the plight of Ralph, as he struggles to maintain order in a place where anarchy runs wild. Students see first-hand how quickly the chaos escalates when there are no rules or boundaries to a society.
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Lord of the Flies

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Types of Foreshadowing in Lord of the Flies book

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  • ​Abstract This is an example of abstract foreshadowing because the monster the boys invent is imaginary. However, the danger and fear they have is real. Later, it becomes very apparent that the monster the boys must fear is human nature.
  • He claims to see a monster, a snake, or a beast at night.
  • He is never seen again. It is presumed​ that he dies in the massive fire at the end of Chapter 2. This gives weight to the idea of a monster, because there is no proof of his disappearance​.
  • Concrete This is an example of concrete foreshadowing. Roger taunts Piggy by throwing a rock at him. Later in the story, it is no surprise that Roger has graduated to a larger boulder which kills Piggy. ​
  • Roger throws rocks at Piggy on the beach.
  • Later, Roger rolls a large boulder down a cliff, crushing and killing Piggy.
  • Prominent This is an example of prominent foreshadowing because it uses a prophecy. Simon believes the boar's head tells him "he will have fun" with the boys. This suggests that something evil will happen, and it do​es!
  • Simon talks to the "lord of the flies", the embodiment of the monster all the boys fear. He tells Simon he is going to have some fun with him.
  • Scared, Simon runs out of the woods. The boys think he is the monster and attack him.
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