The Giver - Vocabulary Precision Motif

The Giver - Vocabulary Precision Motif
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Jonas is a typical 11 year old who lives in a seemingly perfect community. There is little pain, and no crime. People are polite, and everyone belongs to a supportive family. However this utopia comes at a price; there are no choices, emotions are forbidden, and life in the community is dictated by strict rules. In this society, Elders match spouses, and assign children to them before birth. Everyone looks similar in skin color and dress. Everyone in the community is also assigned a job.

The Giver

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  • LOVE
  • Dad do you love me?
  • I want my smack!
  • I'm starving!
  • When Jonas learns the word "love" from a memory, it prompts him to asks his dad if he loves him.
  • That is such an outdated expression. We don't use that word.
  • One time, Asher used the word "smack" instead of "snack", and he was hit.
  • Jonas used the word "starving" instead of "hungry" and was reprimanded. His teacher said he would never know starvation.
  • "The Giver" Vocabulary Precision Motif
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