Updated: 2/27/2019
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OSCAR Visualization

Direct and Indirect Characterization: OSCAR

By Rebecca Ray

OSCAR is an acronym designed to help readers understand direct and indirect characterization. Through the use of OSCAR, as a reading and writing strategy, readers are asked to think and write about the different ways they learn about a character.

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Storyboard Description

OSCAR example of direct and indirect characterization

Storyboard Text

  • "You're talking too much. Shut up Fatty." - Jack
  • The author refers to him as the 'fat boy' with 'spectacles'. He is intelligent and innovative.
  • "...on account of my asthma."
  • The way he is treated in the book is upsetting. He only wants what is best for everyone.
  • S: Character's Speech
  • Heavy, wears glasses
  • C: Physical Characteristics
  • A: Author's Attitude
  • R: Reader's Reaction
  • O: Other Characters' Comments