Beowulf Themes

Updated: 3/29/2019
Beowulf Themes
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Are you looking to inspire and engage your students during a unit on Epic Narratives and Beowulf? These activities will help your students grasp the plot of Beowulf in no time! Written somewhere around 1000BCE, the epic poem is set in Scandinavia and has been the inspiration for many stories and movies in modern day.


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  • Importance of Customs
  • Importance of Customs
  • Good vs Evil
  • Brains over Brawns
  • After Beowulf saves the mead hall from the threat of Grendel and his swamp hag mother, King Hrothgar rewards Beowulf with gold and horses - a customary payment​ for his deeds.
  • Morality is made concrete in the poem, with Beowulf as the "good", ​and the monsters as evil threats to mankind who must be defeated.
  • Beowulf was able to trick Grendel by pretending he was asleep. When Grendel slips on a puddle of blood, Beowulf is able to seize Grendel's wrist and rip​ off his arm.