Storyboard 2

Updated: 9/9/2021
Storyboard 2

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  • The 10 commandments
  • Ok
  • Here are the 10 commandments you must live by these in the promise land
  • Israel wonders the desert
  • After Moses saved the people of Israel God gave him the 10 commandments,10 rules to live by in the promise land.
  • God makes a promise to king David
  • David I promise you that you descendants we rule my people forever
  • Israel Searched for days but eventually found the promise land.
  • God sends prophets to tell people to turn back to him
  • Umm Ok
  • God has sent us to tell you to stop worshiping idols and come back to him
  • But when got to the promise land they didn't follow the 10 commandments and started worshiping other idols.
  • Eneimes Invade the Promise Land
  • During that God made a Promise to King David that his decedents will always rule his people.
  • Thankyou
  • God saw people were worshiping other gods so he sent prophets to tell them to come back to him they agreed but still did not listen they kept on worshiping idols.
  • Because they did not listen to God enemies invaded and took over the Promise land. Eventually some decedents of Abraham come back to the promise land but are still wait on Gods promise to bless the whole world.