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  • vengeance
  • it all started that night!
  • without any hesitation! 
  • are you sure you want to do this?
  • a love story about a king and a gypsy. two hearts meant to be together, but a secret keeping them apart.
  • i am so sorry, i loved you.
  • but, nothing last forever.. if someone knows that the gypsy was pregnant by the king, he's dead. she has no choice but to throw the baby away
  • .
  • by love, she's killed her own baby. she was so blind that she didn't even think of how far this decision would change her life.
  • to preserved the secret, the king decided to kill her. even if he loved her. what would you do to save your reputation?
  • fret by the decision he made, he decided to ask a princess to marry him. an unfaithful king and an unstable princess, what more can you ask?
  • but like i said before, nothing last forever, and the downfall is coming sooner than you think.
  • .
  • ..
  • vengeance is a dish best served cold.
  • he's awake!
  • arhhhh
  • home sweet home! I hope my wife is still awake!
  • 2 years later...
  • honey, i'm home!
  • you're better not be asleep when i'm opening this door!
  • i found you!
  • i'm coming!
  • .
  • what' going on? honey, wake up, it's not a game. what's that note on you darling?
  • I'm back dad. you wanted to get rid of your son? you better run before I get rid of you too! HAHAHA
  • not feeling safe enough in his own house, he hides for his safety in one of the most secret towers, with the best royal guards.
  • what he didn't know is that even if he run away, he still going to find him!
  • he lost his wife, and he's scared to death. he already knew that day would come, he just didn't know when. now, he knows.
  • No daddy, I came back for you!
  • what are you doing here? you are not dead my son?
  • don't worry, you need to meet someone before!
  • I'm so sorry, but please, don't kill me!
  • you ruin my life! for a stupid woman who can't give you love!
  • All I was asking is a dad!
  • see you later my lost lover! you can't get away from me! HAHAHA!!!
  • DIE!!!
  • I am so happy mom! We are finally free from him!
  • yes my little boy, we can live happily now! we are safe together.
  • i missed you too my baby. I'm so sorry!
  • i missed you mama. i tough this day would never come.
  • no name
  • born 4 july 1778died 4 july 1778
  • oh no my baby, I would never do this mistake again!
  • are you going to left me alone another time mama?
  • king Eloan VIIborn14 february 1750died4 july 1780
  • no name
  • born 4 july 1778died 4 july 1778
  • And this how the story end. all the people that needed to die for the good of the story are dead. the victim should never be punished for trying to take vengeance.
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