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Merina and the Sea Dragon
Updated: 3/28/2019
Merina and the Sea Dragon
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  • In ancient times, in a village by the sea in Cornwall, there lived a man and his wife. They were good people who hunted and fished. They wanted a child and the gods sent them a daughter called Merina. They loved her very much.
  • Merina's parents taught her how to use a bow and arrow and sail a boat. She grew up to be brave and kind. Her parents gave her a music box to show how much they loved her. It played a beautiful lullaby.
  • We love you Merina.
  • Thank you for my music box!
  • One day her parents went fishing. A fierce storm came and a ferocious sea monster rose up from the waters. The monster shot lightning from its claws and captured Merina's parents.
  • Save us!
  • The villagers were terrified and they refused to help Merina. She fetched her beloved music box and bow and arrow and bravely set off into the storm.
  • I will fight that beast!
  • We're too scared of the beast
  • Merina opened her music box and the beautiful music calmed the storm and made the beast sleepy. She fired an arrow at the monster's heart and it turned to stone in the water. Her parents were freed and the villagers were safe.
  • The beast is dead! We are saved!
  • Merina was a hero and the villagers named the stone monster Sea Dragon Rocks. The rocks can still be seen from the village today.
  • Look over there! It's Sea Dragon Rocks!
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