The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game

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  • The Most Dangerous Game Adapted by: Alyssa Poulsen, Abby McMillen, and Ayla Randall
  • God makes men many things. He made me a hunter. When I was only five years old he gave me a little gun, specially made for me, to shoot sparrows with. When I shot some of his prize turkeys with it, he did not punish me; he complimented me on my marksmanship. 
  • In the Carribean Sea somewhere...
  • Off there to the right--somewhere--is a large island. It's rather a mystery--
  •  What island is it?
  • The old charts call it 'Ship-Trap Island'. A suggestive name isn't it? Sailors have a curious dread of the place. I don't know why. Some superstition--
  •  Can't see it.
  • You've good eyes, and I've seen you pick off a moose moving in the brown fall bush at four hundred yards, but even you can't see four miles or so through a moonless Caribbean night."
  •  Nor four yards. Ugh! It's like moist black velvet.
  •  That place has a reputation--a bad one.
  •  Canibals?
  • Hardly. Even cannibals wouldn't live in such a God-forsaken place. But it's gotten into sailor lore, somehow. Didn't you notice that the crew's nerves seemed a bit jumpy today?
  • They were a bit strange, now you mention it. Even Captain Nielsen--
  •  An evil place can, so to speak, broadcast vibrations of evil. Anyhow, I'm glad we're getting out of this zone. Well, I think I'll turn in now, Rainsford.
  • I'm not sleepy, I'm going to smoke another pipe up on the afterdeck.
  • Rainsford smoking on the afterdeck.
  • Rainsford's cigar bumps a rope as he climbs up and it falls out of the boat.
  • He tries to reach out and get it, but he went out to far and falls off the boat.
  •  It came out of the darkness, a high screaming sound, the sound of an animal in an extremity of anguish and terror.
  • Pistol.
  • Rainsford began to swim toward the sound. That's when he heard another noise. This one was crisp and stacatto.
  • Rainsford makes it to Ship-Trap Island.
  • He walked toward the jungle.
  • He found a place to sleep.
  • When he woke up he was very hungry. Then, a smile came across his face.
  • Where there are pistol shots, there are men. Where there are men, there is food.
  • Some wounded thing--by the evidence, a large animal--had thrashed about in the underbrush.
  • The jungle weeds were crushed down and the moss was lacerated; one patch of weeds was stained crimson. A small, glittering object not far away caught Rainsford's eye and he picked it up. It was an empty cartridge.
  •  A twenty-two. That's odd. It must have been a fairly large animal too. The hunter had his nerve with him to tackle it with a light gun. It's clear that the brute put up a fight. I suppose the first three shots I heard was when the hunter flushed his quarry and wounded it. The last shot was when he trailed it here and finished it."
  • He examined the ground closely and found what he had hoped to find--the print of hunting boots. 
  • He quickly started to follow them.
  • Bleak darkness was blacking out the sea and jungle when Rainsford sighted the lights. 
  • As he forged along he saw to his great astonishment that all the lights were in one enormous building--a lofty structure with pointed towers plunging upward into the gloom.
  • He lifted the knocker, and it creaked up stiffly, as if it had never before been used. He let it fall, and it startled him with its booming loudness.
  • The door opened then--opened as suddenly as if it were on a spring--and Rainsford stood blinking in the river of glaring gold light that poured out.
  • Don't be alarmed, I'm no robber. I fell off a yacht. My name is Sanger Rainsford of New York City.
  •  The first thing Rainsford's eyes discerned was the largest man Rainsford had ever seen--a gigantic creature, solidly made and black bearded to the waist. In his hand the man held a long-barreled revolver, and he was pointing it straight at Rainsford's heart.
  • I'm Sanger Rainsford of New York, I fell off a yacht. I am hungry.
  • I've read your book about hunting snow leopards in Tibet, you see, I am General Zaroff.
  • Ivan is incredibly strong, but is deaf and dumb. A simple fellow, but, like all his race, a bit of a savage.
  • Is he Russian?
  • He is a Cossack, as am I
  • Come, we shouldn't be chatting here. We'll talk later. You want clothes, food, rest. You shall have them. This is a restful spot
  • Follow Ivan, I was about to have my dinner when you came. I'll wait for you. You'll find that my clothes will fit you, I think
  • You'll have a cocktail, Mr. Rainsford
  • The general was a thoughtful and friendly host. But there was one small trait that made Rainsford uncomfortable.Whenever he looked up he found the general studying him,appraising him narrowly.
  • Not at all
  • We do our best to preserve the amenities of civilization here. Please forgive any  lapses. Do you think the champagne has suffered from its long ocean trip?
  • You have some wonderful heads. That Cape Buffalo is the largest I ever saw
  • Perhaps you were surprised that I recognized your name. You see, I read all books on hunting published in English,French, and Russian. Hunting is the the one passion I have in life
  • I always thought the Cape Buffalo was the most dangerous out of all big game
  • Oh, yes he was a monster, hurled me against a tree and fractured my skull. But I got the brute
  • There is big game on this island?
  • No, you are wrong. The Cape buffalo is not the most dangerous big game. Here in my preserve on this island,I hunt more dangerous game."
  • The biggest. It's not natural though so I have to stock the island.
  • What have you imported, tigers?
  • No, hunting tigers ceased to interest me years ago.No thrill left in tigers, no real danger. I live for danger.
  • I may say, in all modesty, that I have done a rare thing. I have invented a new sensation.
  • I killed my first bear when I was ten. I went into the army and for a time commanded a division of Cossack cavalry, but my real interest was always the hunt. I have hunted every kind of game in every land. It would be impossible for me to tell you how many animals I have killed."
  • I continued to hunt. In Africa the Cape buffalo hit me and laid me up for six months. When I recovered I went the Amazon to hunt jaguars because I heard they were cunning. They weren't. I was bitterly disappointed. I was lying in my tent with a headache when I realized, hunting was beginning to bore me! And hunting had been my life.
  • It had become too easy. I always got my quarry. There is no greater bore than perfection
  • A new animal? You're joking
  • No animal had a chance with me. Instinct was no match for reason. I had to invent a new animal
  • But what's the animal general?
  • I never joke about hunting. I needed a new animal so I found one and built this house and hunt here
  • I hunt it every day--and don't grow bored of it, for I have a quarry that that match my wits
  • But no animal can reason
  • This animal has the perfect attributes. It has courage, it's cunning and, above all it can reason.
  • You don't mean--
  • But there is one that can.
  • You can't be serious. This is a grisly joke
  • And why not?
  • Hunting? You are speaking of murder!
  • Why shouldn't I be serious, I'm talking about hunting.
  • Did not make me a cold-blooded murderer
  • I don't believe that someone so modern and civilized like you harbors romantic ideas about the value of human life. Surely your experiences in the war--
  • But they are men
  • Life is for the strong. The weak of the world were put here for the strong's pleasure. If I want to hunt, why shouldn't I? 
  • But where do you get them?
  • Exactly, that's why I use them. They can reason, so they are dangerous, which brings me pleasure
  • This island is called Ship Trap. Sometimes the angry God of the high seas sends them to me, but sometimes when Providence is not so kind, I help Providence a bit. Come to the window with me
  • Watch! Out there!
  • They indicate a channel, where there's none, giant rocks with razor edges crouch like a sea monster with wide-open jaws. They can crush a ship.
  • Civilized? And you shoot down men?
  • Oh, yes, I have electricity. We try to be civilized here.
  • What do you mean?
  •  I assure you I do not do the thing you suggest. That would be barbarous. I treat these visitors with every consideration. They get plenty of good food and exercise.  You shall see for yourself tomorrow.
  • It's a game, you see, I suggest to one of them that we go hunting. I give him a supply of food and an excellent hunting knife. I give him three hours' start. I am to follow, armed only with a pistol of the smallest caliber and range. If my quarry eludes me for three whole days, he wins the game. If I find him, he loses
  • It's a game, you see, I suggest to one of them that we go hunting. I give him food and a hunting knife. I give him three hours' start. I follow, with only a pistol of the smallest caliber and range. If he hides from me for three days, he wins the game. If I find him, he loses.
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