the red pyramid
Updated: 2/9/2020
the red pyramid

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  • Julius is allowed two days a year with her because of a rocky relationship with the grandparents. The result is that Sadie lives with Mom's parents and Carter lives with Dad; visitation happens twice a year.
  • As they all discuss the Rosetta Stone, it comes out that Sadie thinks that Rosetta Stone refers to a computer program, so she gets a brief education from her dad: until the discovery of the Rosetta Stone, no one could read the ancient Egyptian written language. With its lines of text in Egyptian, Demotic, and Greek, it allowed scholars to crack the code.
  • Amos begins with the explanations, saying that Julius was trying to summon a god. Unfortunately, it worked.Carter says yeah, he's heard his dad saying, "Osiris, come." But Osiris is just a legend, right?Amos says nope: Egypt was one of the most ancient and greatest civilizations,
  • Unfortunately, the door's locked. Like, totally locked. Sadie remembers the word Amos said at breakfast for "destroy," and she says it at the locks. Hieroglyphs appear, and the doors explode.
  • So… our cat's a goddess.Bast makes Carter get his father's workbag from the library, but then they need to leave ASAP.
  • Sadie informs us that she's taking the mic, since Carter won't tell this part properly. Why not? It's about Zia. Who's Zia? You'll find out soon.
  • Egyptian Queen
  • The Hall of Ages is huge and awesome: there are really high double pillars that support a supertall ceiling; a blue carpet like a river running down the middle; and tiny hieroglyphs floating through the air.
  • Red hieroglyphs activate, trapping Amos. Set appears with a bunch of demons and greets Amos with the word bonsoir, which means "good evening" in French. Uh-oh.
  • This is Sadie's first time on a ba-trip, so it's pretty disturbing to her when her soul hovers above her body and she gets to see how dirty and ratty she looks.
  • Carter takes over narrating, telling us that he's seen pictures of the Set animal before, but they don't really do it justice. The creature was horse sized with a reptilian tail. It has rabbit like ears, a snout like an anteater, glowing red eyes, and sharp teeth.
  • However, that wasn't what caused Sadie return to human form: it was imagining their mother alive—and imagining being able to walk around with her doing normal things like shopping—that reminded Sadie of what's important in life.
  • Carter tells us that the boat is actually pretty cool: it has multiple decks, painted railings, and paddlewheels. The name of the boat, painted on its side, is Egyptian Queen. The boat also has painted-on eyes that move as though alive.
  • As Sadie wonders aloud how they will get past the gate, someone pops up saying perhaps they should ask him. It's a ba, but the face and voice are familiar: it's Iskandar.
  • Carter naps for a few hours when Bast wakes him up. They're parked on a narrow mountain road, and they have to walk to wherever Bast is taking them as part of her plan.
  • Horus gives Carter the lowdown on Sekhmet: she's the incarnation of the sun's wrath, and she's pretty much undefeatable.
  • Doughboy is not happy about this plan, but it works. After making a few rude gestures, the Doughboy coat is able to drive the truck, and they all pile in.
  • Zia can't work her invisibility spell, since her magic's still gone, but Amos has a plan to turn everyone into storm clouds.
  • As Sadie tries to bandage the cuts on Zia's leg, Zia stops her and tells her to listen. She has a message, remember? But she's not Nephthys, so what's going on?
  • As Sadie emerges from the pyramid, she sees that things are not going well for Carter, since Set has knocked him down and is calling out that there are thirty seconds to sunrise.
  • Eventually, Carter and Zia make it back to Brooklyn, but by then the news about a strange disaster at the National Mall is out. The media decided to blame it on rare storm activities.