The Haunted Doll
Updated: 3/22/2021
The Haunted Doll

Storyboard Text

  • Once there was a little girl named Elly who loved dolls.
  • What's that?Oh, you want more tea okay.
  • On her third birthday...
  • Yaaaa!!
  • Dear, it's time to open up your presents!
  • When she opened her presents.
  • Oooo.Cute dress.
  • When she opened her last present.
  • Wow!What a beautiful doll!I love it!Thanks mama and daddy.
  • Elly all ways used to play with the doll and she used to play with the doll and her friends sometimes.
  • Let's go buy you some toys.
  • She used to make the home like a cinema while watching movies.
  • Elly
  • Doll