A Guide to Implied Depth

A Guide to Implied Depth
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Storyboarding Tips on Layout

By Sarah Laroche

Every great storyboard needs to start somewhere, and that somewhere is with a great layout. There are many things that go into making a storyboard excellent, but it always rests on its foundation: the layout.

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Storyboard Text

  • Varying the size of items depending on their placement can create a feeling of depth.
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  • GOOD
  • All the animals are positioned in their respective spots in the scene, but the image looks flat.
  • The jungle is filled with exotic animals of all types.
  • Even though the tiger is a large animal, making it smaller than the parrot creates the illusion that it is farther away. Increase this effect by positioning the tiger near the back of the scene.
  • The jungle is filled with exotic animals of all types.
  • The implied depth and distance in a scene can guide placement and size of characters and objects.
  • All the characters are the same size, but the scene's perspective makes some look large, while others look small.
  • Use the scene to your advantage by placing objects and characters strategically. The scene already has depth; place things accordingly to help the illusion of distance.
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