Depth Using Detail
Updated: 12/29/2016
Depth Using Detail
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Storyboarding Tips on Perspective

by Sarah Laroche

Incorporating a three-dimensional property like depth into a two-dimensional plane (a storyboard for example) can be difficult, but there are some tips and tricks to help create the illusion of depth. Depth is always illusory in a 2-D space (photos, drawings), which are flat. Our brains are built for 3-D environments though. They take cues from lighting, shadows size, and angles in order to interpret our distance to objects, and we can apply these tricks to a 2-D medium with perspective, thereby tricking our brains into seeing distance and depth in a storyboard.

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Storyboard Description

Show depth using varying levels of detail

Storyboard Text

  • In this example you can see that there is more detail in the woman who is closer to the viewer, while the kids in the background are silhouettes.
  • The bird in this shot has lots of great detail, whereas the birds in the background are simple lines.
  • The front of the scene is highly detailed along with a detailed character, while the buildings in the background are just shapes showing distance.