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ENG 112 assignment 2
Updated: 6/26/2020
ENG 112 assignment 2
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  • As he walked through the cemetery, scared of what he may face, he saw a creature coming out of a tomb.
  • Out came a tall, mysterious, ghostlike man.
  • Oh dear god, are my eyes failing me?
  • Narrator loses consciousness
  • As he begins to gain consciousness, the narrator notices his whereabouts and the man approaching him
  • You're safe here don't worry.
  • Walpurgis Night! He had then realized what the creature in front of him is, a ghost!
  • I am not going to hurt you, I saved you from the outside world.
  • It's very unsafe to be out there, especially tonight.
  • He stopped to think for a moment.
  • Could he be the one that saved me from that white mass?
  • Why are you here? What is the purpose of me seeing you?
  • I am a ghost, I am here to save and help you.
  • You don't know me, but I'll tell you about me.
  • So then the ghost began to tell the narrator about himself.
  • My name is Herbert White, I was killed in an accident at work but it was caused by my father's wish for more money.
  • Confused with how a wish for money could kill him, he asks:
  • How is the wish the cause of your death?
  • My father had a friend visit us. That friend had found something called The Monkey's Paw. This paw grants a person 3 wishes.
  • We were warned that the wishes come with consequences, but we didn't believe it. My family and I were greedy and wished for 200 pounds.
  • After my father wished for the money, nothing happened, we went to sleep and believed that we were lied to.
  • The next morning, I was making jokes and laughing at how ridiculous we were to believe a paw could grant us wishes.
  • Little did I know, I would go to work that day and get caught in the machinery.
  • Still confused on how the wish caused his death, he asks:
  • Again, how did a wish that wasn't granted cause your death?
  • I was getting to that part! The company I was working for held no liability but considered my hard work and compensated my parents with a sum.
  • He realized what happened, and asked:
  • Is that how you got the money you wished for?!
  • Yes, thats when I realized my father's friend wasn't lying about the consequences
  • My parents were taught two huge lessons when they lost me.
  • What are they?
  • To not let greed influence your decisions.
  • And to always listen to the warnings people give you.
  • He then realized what had gotten him in this situation was not listening to the warnings given to him.
  • I have to leave, but I hope you take what I taught you into consideration.
  • Thank you! I will always keep what you taught me.
  • Before he had a chance to say anything else, Herbertdisappears and he loses consciousness.
  • He wakes up and finds himself back in the cemetery, a wolf on top of him.
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