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constitution storyboard
Updated: 10/16/2020
constitution storyboard
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  • So we can be stable and so someone can keep us in order
  • We will name it The Articles of Confederation
  • For my Virginia plan I want to abolish the article and enlarge the rules
  • But what if they become to powerful and take over
  • WE need a government.
  • For the New Jersey plan I wish to keep almost everything the same cause if not bigger states would be in control
  • That won't happen we will make sure of it
  • So it's settled
  • Yes and make it to where the government doesn't have all the power so we will give some power to the people
  • The only thing we are going to have to do is split up America into states
  • Where in an economic crisis because of you too!!
  • We are going into dept because you guys wanna tax us for trade!!
  • It has not accomplished what we made them for
  • We need to change the articles of confederation the people are to powerful
  • We will make a compromise actually A Great Compromise
  • Then we will make a senate which is 2 members from each state elected by state legislatures
  • We will make a bicameral congress which includes a house of reps which is based on population and a senate
  • That's not fair we don't have as many slaves in the smaller states.
  • This is what we will do, we will make slaves count as 3/5 of a person so they will be 3/5 of a vote
  • Do our slaves in Virginia count as a vote for the house of reps.
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