Updated: 11/5/2020

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  • Pay money and be free of your sins!
  • This better help me get to heaven! This is all I have from the bread I made!!
  • This is all i have left!!
  • The church needs to be stopped. The are taking advantage of the people here!
  • Can you all see that the church is just taking your money! Its time for this to stop!
  • He is absolutely right! We need to stop this!
  • All my money!!!
  • I gave all my money!
  • Yeh get out!
  • In 1517, in Germany, the Catholic churches would ask for money and claim that it will help people get to heaven faster. The took this money and gave back
  • Get out of our church!
  • A man named Martin Luther, believed that the church did not care for the well being of the people but only for the money they get. He also believed that they were just selling indulgences by asking for money. He wrote down the issues so he can change the churches ways.
  • We are beggars: this is true
  • Freedom
  • Martin Luther thought the best way to explain his beliefs was to write '95 Theses' that covered what the issue was. He then proceeded to nail these notes to the door of the church.
  • Better Education
  • Religious rights
  • This led to Martin Luther excommunication and the start of the protestant reformation in Germany. He was declared an outlaw by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms.
  • Martin Luther dies in 1546 in Eisleben, Germany. His last words where "We are beggars: this is true.".
  • The reformation splintered the church through religious, political, intellectual and cultural upheaval. The reformation also set inplace the structures of education and beliefs that we have now days.