Unknown Story

Updated: 9/17/2021
Unknown Story

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  • “Why Peru and why did I have to come?”
  • "Dad?"
  • "Hello!?"
  • Trudging through the Peruvian jungle, with their tour guide slashing vines from the groups path, Amelia's mind wanders to the many questions ah has for her Dad. She watches the rocks she kicks jump away, not noticing her group disappear.
  • By the time Amelia realises they are gone, its too late. She tries to retrace her steps, but is completely disoriented. She is alone, in the wild.
  • Amelia finds a large tree nearby. Leaning on it heavily as she closes her eyes. She slowly drifts off to sleep, with much hope and faith that her Dad will come to get her.
  • Wow!
  • “I understand now, Mum. This is why you wanted me to travel, to see nature at its best.”
  • Amelia is abruptly woken up by a swarm of angry mosquitoes. She scrambles to her feet and sprints away into the depths of the jungle. She soon realises that her Dad is not coming and she is not going to be saved.
  • She must help herself. In the distance she can hear the sounds of a fast running river. She remembers her Dad saying that the group would always camp on the riverbank. So she heads towards the river.
  • Amelia finds the river just as the sun sets. She sees the bright orange and yellow fight the blue to create an explosion of colour on the sky. Without taking her eyes of the horizon, she makes her way down the river.