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Updated: 10/2/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The first right is the right to equality it means every indian should be treated equally whether its a men or a women.
  • Today our teacher give us homework to learn about the fundamental rights of human being. Can you please help me in it ??
  • Hii dad
  • The second is right to freedom it means All indian citizens have freedom of speech and expression, freedom to travel and live in any part of the country
  • wow thats great next please.
  • Third is the Cultural and education rights it means All citizens of india can follow any tradition and culture
  • 2. just like i have a good school
  • 4ya lets go to the 3 one
  • Next is the right to religion and belief means you can believe in any religion
  • oh okay!
  • another right is the right against exploitation ,means every kid in india that is under 14 years is not allowed to work and is a law
  • thats right
  • so i am not allowed to work in factories
  • The last right is the right to constitutional remedies it means if any citizen of india wants to get their fundamental rights protected they are allowed to go to a court
  • now i know my fundamental right. Thanks Dad.
  • wow! the high court