Updated: 11/4/2020

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  • ARENA (known to self and others)
  • BLIND SPOT(Not known to self, Known to others)
  • what do I think of Sinbo using the Johari Window?
  • Analysis of Personal Data
  • It can be difficult to fully articulate assumptions and values on your own when they are both implicit and deeply held. Having an outside view stimulates other ways of finding solution and helps the process of reflection (Gardner, 2014).
  • I am confident , patient and witty.Upon reflection, I feel great. I have good values. Always able to achieve personal and professional targets. This is my comfort zone.
  • FACADE(known to self, Not known to others)
  • I am loving and observant
  • Clever 10%, Bold 20%, Friendly 20%, Giving 20%, Patient 10%, Confident 10%, Brave 10%, Helpful 10%, Idealistic 20%, Powerful 10%,Dependable 40%, Calm 20%, Independent 10%, Intelligent 30%, Quiet 10%, Reflective 30%, Religious 10%, Self assertive 20%, Sensible 10%,Dignified 20%, Caring 40%, Knowledgeable 20%, Logical 10%, Mature 40%, Modest 10%, Organised 40%, Trustworthy 50%, Wise 20%, Witty 10%
  • UNKNOWN(Not known to self & others)
  • Need to use these to explore the future
  • Arena: This showed me that I do not allow people to know a lot about my personality. This might put me at a disadvantage in a team. It might also be a barrier for me as I would be perceived as being knowledgeable at times I am not.Blind spot: showed me that I needed to get constant feedback in order to be more efficient and see myself the way others see me.
  • Action Plan
  • 1. Get more feedback from a wider group of professionals in order to expand my arena.2. Get additional educational qualification suitable for my career change & improve work performance.3. Apply for training in my new field/area of interest.4. Register on relevant websites for jobs.5. Continue to get consistent feedback.
  • I will use these two traits to explore my reflections in-action, on-action and for-action as I go on.
  • Able, Accepting, Adaptable, Cheerful, Complex, Energetic, Extroverted, Happy, Ingenious, Introverted, Kind, Nervous, Proud, Relaxed, Responsive, Searching, Self-conscious, Sentimental, Shy, Silly, Spontaneous, Tense, Warm, Sympathetic.
  • This is a cause and effect response to feedback from a small group of 10 people, therefore the results has its limitations and action 5 is important on a continuous basis as change occurs in different situations. I have also been able to appreciate the circularity of self-reflection in the inter-connectedness between systems and self.
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