CIB Assignment 1
Updated: 6/15/2020
CIB Assignment 1
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  • At the Dover Hill golf club with Duane Betts
  • It sure is, Sandy. The men love to spend time here, away from work stress!
  • Hmm. At least sponsoring the Champions will be good for Pace Sterling!
  • It's beautiful out here, Duane!
  • In Calvin Buckley's office (chairman of Pace Sterling)
  • Sandy, I'm worried about this business with the WRO. They're now pressuring the PGO and they're targeting the Chapmions. We need to figure out our position in all of this. Sponsoring the Champions again may not be the best idea!
  • I'll handle it, Cal. We'll talk to them and explain that our relationship with the PGO extends beyond just the Champions! I'm sure it's no big deal...
  • In Calvin Buckley's office (chairman of Pace Sterling)
  • I don't think it's that simple. They're focused on the Champions and they will not back down. I promised the board that we'll be deliberate about this. Our brand might take a hit if the WRO criticizes our sponsorship! Please study this and report back to me in a week.
  • Fine... I'll take care of this.
  • Back home, I talked to my husband, Steve, about the matter...
  • It doesn't make sense. Why target the PGO now? Why them? Why not the boyscouts?! They're making things very difficult for us.
  • We'll lose the golf-loving public! Dover Hill is a private company and they are free to do whatever they want!
  • Attitudes change, honey. Why can you change the company's decisions accordingly?
  • 3 days later, I found out that Cal also asked Cheryl Evans, Pace Sterling's head of HR, for a report on this...
  • Well, that won't be an easy feat with Cal. Good luck.
  • Sandy, the sponsorship could make it difficult for us to attract female employees as well. It can reflect badly on us.
  • Honestly, Cheryl, I think this thing will blow over in a few months. I will recommend that we go ahead with the sponsorship.
  • Even though I hated to be on the same side as Jack Spearwood who thought that we're "caving in to a bunch of feminists", I insisted on recommending to proceed with the sponsorship...
  • I still don't think we need to cancel the sponsorship. In my report, I will address Cheryl's HR risks, highlight Jack's concerns (ugh), and make the case for proceeding with the sponsorship. It simply makes good economic sense for Pace Sterling to continue sponsoring the Champions.
  • The day I finished my first report, and prepared the plan to discuss it with Cal, the morning paper wrote a front-page piece titled: "Tommy Ward Should Boycott Dover Hill." The problem was bigger than I thought...
  • Wow... Was I taking the easy way out? I mean, I experienced a TON of sexism in my career, and it hasn't been easy... I think I buried some of those experiences deep in my memory, but come to think of it... I need to ask Cal for a couple of extra days!
  • 5 years ago...
  • Coming to have a drink with the boys, Sandy?
  • Look who showed up!
  • Seriously?
  • Managers' Favourite Bar
  • 4 years ago...
  • Yes, but I also think -
  • Can I at least finish one sentence during our meetings...
  • - I know exactly how they would perceive this.
  • Are you sure this is what our female customers want?
  • Interesting, Charles. Go on!
  • It is not just about golf. It is about Pace Sterling's future culture! Would I want to work at a place like this?
  • Exactly! What more do they want?! We should be able to sponsor whomever we want if it benefits our bottom line.
  • Man, I don't understand what's up with those WRO people.
  • Yeah, I mean we already have two female managers!
  • Our sponsorships must reflect our values - values that we are all proud of!
  • You know, Sandy also asked me to survey key clients partaking in the tournament. Most of them are considering pulling out of it too!
  • I think Pace Sterling made the right decision. We aren't just saying that we're inclusive - we're acting upon it!
  • Of course. They need to cater to their customers too, and they have been increasingly valuing inclusivity and diversity!
  • I couldn't agree more. Great work, Sandy! Let's communicate with our former partners at Champions. I also have some former colleagues at Rotman Golf Club!
  • After doing plenty of due diligence, I believe that pulling out of the sponsorship deal is the best decision for our brand and culture. Since we already have relations with the PGO, I suggest that we sponsor a prestigious golf club that is not male-only. I know that Rotman Golf Club would be a great fit!
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