Updated: 10/15/2020

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  • Situation/Exposition
  • Complication
  • Conflict
  • Madame Loisel A middle class woman has always dreamed of being wealthy and thinks that wealth and being pretty makes you happy. Her husband was a lower income clerk in the ministry of education. They live in a rundown flat and have barley enough money to get by.
  • Rising action
  • When her husband brings home a letter of admission to a big party with all these rich and famous people he thinks his wife will be happy. When he shows it to her she is happy for about 2 seconds. Then she ends up crying because she docent have a pretty dress for the party. Her husband uses his saved up money to by her a nice dress.
  • Climax
  • She then cried another week later and when her husband asked what was wrong she told him that she had not jewelry for the party. She got the idea that she could barrow jewelry from her rich friend that had more than enough diamonds to go around.
  • Resolution
  • When she is looking for a necklace with her friend after she agreed to lend her some jewelry. Of course Madame Loisel picked what looked like the most expensive necklace in the box.
  • After literally partying  all night long with the rich an famous she and her husband were cold so they called a cab to pick them up. She had n once again noticed the shiny necklace around he neck before she got in the cab. When they entered there home she realized that she no longer had the necklace. And that she had to find it because it was incrediblely expensive.
  • After no luck finding the necklace and literally searching for days they decided to replace the necklace instead of telling her friend that she had lost it. After years of paying off the debt that the new necklace had costed them so many years ago they grew ugly worn down by the earth. Madame Loisel was walking when she saw that her old friend that had lent her the necklace was there. Her friend told her that the necklace was a fake and that it wasn't real.